How does legaldraftsman work?

Legal draftsman provides legal consultancy services in India with quick help on the same day, for private individuals and business customers.

1. Describe concerns

Get started by telling us about your business and individual legal needs. It only takes a minute and your information is strictly confidential.

  • Post Your Job
  • Pay Now and Proceed
  • Qualified Lawyer On-Demand
  • 100% Private, Safe & Secure

2. Consult with a lawyer

Our proprietary algorithm matches you with lawyers most qualified to handle your specific legal work. You can schedule consultation with our lawyer as per your convenience with no obligation.
  • In case any further specific requirement, custom proposal within an hour
  • You can consult through call, Whats up, email
  • Top Tier, Vetted lawyers

3. Get detailed analysis and better suited solution for specific legal issue

When you’re ready, instantly connect with our partner lawyer that’s right for you. Use our features to easily collaborate online and ensure your information stays safe and secure.

  • Instantly connect with a single click
  • Detailed document analysis to arrive at probable and better solution.
  • Save 60% compared to law firms

Frequently asked Questions

It’s very simple: you send us your legal question. Based on your question, our digital matching system searches for the right lawyer from our country-wide network of over 40+ partner lawyers.
This works online through our website. Click on the following link Get an initial assessment and follow the instructions to submit your legal question:

Fixed price offer including GST – you can ask your legal question. Plus: After you have sent your question to us, you will receive a call  from an experienced lawyer. The aim is for him to discuss opportunities, risks and the next possible steps to solve your legal problem with you.