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About Us

Legaldraftsman is a group of individuals who share a long-term commitment:-
  1. To excellence and exceptional service in the handling of all legal matters on behalf of clients.
  2. To ethics, honesty, trust and respect in all dealings with each other, the Firm, clients and adversaries.
  3. To open and honest communication within the Firm.
  4. To an environment in which each individual is expected to become a critical part of the legaldraftsman team.
  5. To an environment which promotes, rewards and expects individual growth and contribution in a way which reflects the talents and strengths of each team member.
  6. To an environment which permits individual quality of life choices. We provide our services to corporate, partnership, sole traders, outsourcing companies and also for an individuals.
We come with an asset of exceptional skill of drafting of legal document and solid background of litigation part too, since 2005. Our principle is to work as a team and to deliver creative solution to our client’s problems. Our team is passionate about the law and the work they do. They constantly endeavour to improve by sharing expertise and ideas to our clients.

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